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Spanish 1 and 2 Saludos

SRA Gordon


Nombre Where is the bathroom?
Escribe las palabras en EspaÃol.  How much does it cost?
* Buenos Dias  yes
* Buenos tardes  Write the Word in Spanish.
* Buenos noches  goodbye
* Hola me llamo_   ____________________ Fecha:_____________________________
* Co'mo te llamas?   Nice to meet you
* ?Co'mo esta' usted?  Good Morning
* Estoy bien   I do not understand
* Mucho gusto   How are you?
* Adios   I am fine.
* Estoy Perdido  excuse me
* Do'nde esta' el bano?   I am lost
* Con permiso  Hello my name is______?
* Perdoname  why?
* Por favor  Do you want to buy this?
* Gracias  excuse me
* Lo siento  How many are there?
* Salud  bless you
* De nada  Good Afternoon
* ?cuanto cuesta?   no
* ?cuantos hay?  Good Evening
* Hay mucho  What is your name?
* ? Quiere comprarlo usted?  please
* ? Que' hora es?  thank you
* ? Como' se dice ___en Espanol?  You are welcome
* Si'  Please, talk slower.
* No  I am sorry
* Yo no comprendo. .  What time is it?
* Por favor, habla mas despacio.  Who?
* ? Quien?  There are many
*¿Por que?   How do you say _______ in espanol?

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