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Week 2 - Respiratory


BPSA - LAB midterm part 1/4

albuterol Sulfate asthma as prophylactic and chronic therapy
albuterol Sulfate Tablets, chewable - Granules
azelastine HCl bronchospams associated with COPD
azelastine HCl Spray
benzonatate Antiasthmatic
budesonide and fomoterol dihydrate Symbicort
chlorpheniramine with hydrocodone Inhalation solution - Aerosol in MDI
fluticasone proprionate with salmetrol zinafoate Antiasthmatic
fluticasone proprionate (nasal) Antitussive
fluticasone proprionate (inhalation) seasonal and perennial rhinitis
hydroxyzine HCl Antiallergy Agent
ipratropium bromide with albuterol sulfate Proventil, Ventolin, Proair
ipratropium bromide with albuterol sulfate Astelin
levalbuterol HCl Inhalation aerosol in MDI - Diskus
mometasone fuoate monohydrate DuoNeb
montelukast sodium Nasal Spray
promethazine HCl with codeine phosphate Syrup
tiotropium bromide Advair Diskus
albuterol sulfate Xopenex
azelastine HCl Antitussive
benzonatate Antiasthmatic
budesonide and fomoterol fumarate dihydrate Singulair
chlorpheniramine nonallergic vasomotor rhinitis and seasonal allergic rhinitis
fluticasone prioponate with salmetrol Inhalation solution - Xopenex HFA
fluticasone proprionate (nasal) long-term maintanence of asthma - COPD - pts on inhaled cortocosteriod
fluticasone proprionate (inhalation) MDI
hydroxyzine HCl Capsule
ipratropium bromide with albuterol sulfate Nasal spray
levalbuterol HCl Atarax
mometasone fuoate monohydrate Antitussive
montelukast sodium cough & upper respiratory symptoms associated with a cold or allergy
promethazine HCl with codeine phosphate Antiasthmatic
tiotropium bromide Antiallergy Agent
albuterol sulfate Nasonex
azelastine HCl cough & upper respiratory symptoms associated with allergy or a cold
benzonatate Flonase
budesonide and fomoterol fumarate dihydrate Antiasthmatic
chlorpheniramine Suspension, ER
fluticasone prioponate with salmetrol asthma as prophylactic therapy
fluticasone proprionate (nasal) Antiasthmatic
fluticasone proprionate (inhalation) Antiallergy Agent
hydroxyzine HCl Phenergan
ipratropium bromide with albuterol sulfate HFA inhaler - Solution for inhalation
levalbuterol HCl Antiasthmatic --> Inhalation powder
mometasone fuoate monohydrate bronchospasm
montelukast sodium bronchospasms
promethazine HCl with codeine phosphate long-term maintanence of bronchospasms associated with COPD
tiotropium bromide Tablets - Injection - Syrup
benzonatate Combivent
budesonide and fomoterol fumarate dihydrate Spiriva
chlorpheniramine Advair
fluticasone prioponate with salmetrol Tessalon
fluticasone proprionate (nasal) seasonal and perennial rhinits
fluticasone proprionate (inhalation) Antiallergy Agent
hydroxyzine HCl relief of cough
ipratropium bromide with albuterol sulfate Tussionex
levalbuterol HCl Antiasthmatic
mometasone fuoate monohydrate anxiety and tension associated with psychoneurosis - pruritis due to allergies
montelukast sodium Flovent
promethazine HCl with codeine phosphate asthma - COPD

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