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Practice Citizenship Test 1 Matching

Joshua Htoo

1One reason the English colonists came to Virginia. _____to escape from religious persecution
2One of the three branches of the Federal government _____The Bill of Rights
3The United States flag has 13 stripes to represent the original 13 _________ . _____eighteen
4One of the two longest rivers in the United States _____the states
5Highest court in the land _____Economic opportunities
6Foundation document for the United States government and its citizens _____four
71803 purchase by President Thomas Jefferson that doubled the size of the nation at that time. _____The Supreme Court
8Minimum legal age for a citizen to vote in national elections. _____The House of Representatives
9National anthem of the United States _____The Senate
10Elected official who would take the place of the President if he or she should become unable to fulfill the duties _____colonies
11Commander-in-Chief of U.S. military forces _____The Louisiana Purchase
12The number of Amendments that address who can vote in the United States _____nine
13A set of amendments to the Constitution that insures the rights of citizens _____The Star Spangled Banner
14The upper body of the U.S. Congress _____The President
15Segment of Congress whose membership numbers are controlled by the population size of geographic areas within each state _____system of checks and balances
16Maximum number of terms a citizen can serve as The President of the United States _____The Executive Branch
17Besides crossing the Atlantic Ocean for economic gain, some groups of colonists came for this reason. _____two
18The 50 stars on the U.S. flag represent these geographic areas. _____Mississippi
19The Supreme Court has this many justices. _____The Vice-President
20Branch of government that debates and votes on bills proposed for passage into laws. _____The Constitution
21Ability of each branch to limit the power of the other branches _____Legislative Branch

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