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Magical Mondays - Year


samhain the days become short and the nights become longer
samhain time of the year in which the days become shorter and harvesting begins
samhain also called May Eve or Walpurgis Night
winter solstice considered as the Witches' New Year
winter solstice also known as Litha and Midsummer
yule also known as Mabon
imbolc the balance of light and the dark is complete
imbolc also known as Groundhog's Day
imbolc also known as Yule
spring equinox complete balance between the light and the dark
spring equinox time of peace and positive energy
beltane This is the second harvest festival
beltane also known as the Festival of Loaves
summer solstice a symbol that summer is just around the corner
summer solstice decorating of evergreens
lammas time of empowerment and celebration with nature
lammas also known Ostara or Eostre
autumn equinox a celebration of the ending of the harvest
autumn equinox time of year in which the days start to become longer
autumn equinox This is the first sign of Spring

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