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CHAPTER 14 & 15

1. VASCULAR TISSUE 25. Protective leaves at the end of a flower.
2. GUARD CELLS 28. Way to make 2 different plants grow as one by fusing their cut ends.
3. SEED COAT 15. First root to emerge from seeds.
4. SEED 1. Tissue specialized for the transport of water.
5. MONOCOTS 17. Holds the leaves up to the sunlight and transporrt water and food.
6. DICOTS  2. Special cells that control the size of the leaf pores.
7. FOOD CHAIN 3. Protective covering of seed.
8. RHIZOIDS 18. Trap the sunlight for photosynthesis & storage of food.
9. ARCHEGONIUM 20. Transform of pollen from male to female part of a plant.
10. ANTHERIDIUM 10. Sperm-producing organ of a moss.
11. FRAGMENTATION 26. Produce pollen which contain sperm cells.
12. GEMMAE 8. Anchor the moss in place.
13. ROOTS 29. Growing an entire plant from individual cells.
14. CASPARIAN STRIP 7. Series of organisms through which energy moves in the form of food.
15. PRIMARY ROOT  14. Wavy layer of endodermis which blocks the movement of water between adjacent cells.
16. FIBROUS ROOT 4. Protective structure that contains plant embryo & stored food.
17. STEMS 16.Numerous and are extensively branched and collect water from wide area.
18. LEAVES 6. Angiosperms that have 2 cotyledon.
19. POLLEN 19. Winglike structure released & carried by wind to reach female cores.
20. POLLINATION  11. Occurs when small pieces break from a gametophyte and grow into a new plant
21. PISTIL  23. Holds up anther.
22. STAMEN 21. Egg producing part of a flower.
23. FILAMENT  30. Period of decreased activity that occurs because of structural and biochemical charges in a plant.
24. PETALS  22. Pollen producing part of a flower.
25. SEPALS 12. Tiny pieces of tissue that can form new gametophyte.
26. ANTHER  13. Function for the anchorage & storage of food.
27. CUTTTING  27. Pieces of stem is remove from a plant and planted in soil.
28. GRAFTING 9. Egg-producing organ of a moss.
29. TISSUE CULTURING 5. Angiosperms with only one cotyledon.
30. DORMANCY  24. Leaflike appandages of a flower usually covered with corolla.

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