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ISTEP words


ISTEP vocabulary words.

Combine To break down the big picture and study its parts.
Supporting Details To place in clear order.
Clarity To tell about/explain with details so the reader can get a mental picture.
Intrepret To rework and make changes for improvement
Describe To give proof or example from teh text
Analyze To find or point out
Explain To draw conclusion based on facts
Sequence Short statements of the main points
Concise Examples from the text that help prove the point.
Express To clearly state your own thoughts or ideas about a topic.
Revise To place in a clear order
Compare Brief and to the point.
Identify To make plain or understandable
Cite The reason for which something is done.
Infer To show understanding in your own words.
Evaluate To judge or solve.
Summarize To put together thoughts or ideas
Purpose To show similarities or differences

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