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Collective Bargaining & Unions

Match the term to the correct definition.

1Collective bargaining _____actions that interfere with rights of employees as identified under the Nat'l Labor Relations Act
2Grievance _____negative workplace event that results in an allegationby an employee that they haven't been treated fairly
3Arbitration _____group of people within a business who plan, organize, lead, or control activities of employees who agreed to work for a salary
4Labor _____refers to a worksite that requires all new employees in a specific work group to join the union; dues are deducted automatically from employees' paychecks as defined in the facility's contract
5Management _____Statutes in 22 states which prohibit agreements between unions & employers making membership or payment of union dues or "fees" a condition of employment, either before or after hiring
6Mediation _____a group of workers who band together to accomplish goals related to conditions of employment
7Union _____a group composed of those who work for others to receive a salary
8Union shop _____Workers organize under representation of a union in order to share power with mgmt to determine employment conditions.
9Unfair labor practices _____work stoppage caused by the refusal of a large portion of employees to perform work; usually takes place to enforce demands relating to employment conditions on their employer or to protest unfair labor practices
10Strike _____to establish unions in a workplace, a majority of emloyees must express support for the union; majority is proven through a secret ballot election conducted by the Nat'l Labor Relations Board
11Secret ballot elections _____a form of protest in which people congregate outside a place of work or location where an event is taking place; an attempt to dissuade others from going in; can also draw public attention to a cause
12Picketing _____process of negotiation sanctioned in U.S. by the Nat'l Labor Relations Board
13Right-to-work laws _____a form of settling disputes that involves a trained person who listens to all parties & makes recommendations

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