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Congress Matching

Mr. Williams

Match these

bicameral to suspend until next session in congress
term the period of time during which, each year, congress assembles and conducts business
session proposed law
convenes congressional election that occurs between presidential election years
adjourns governing unit (e.g. the US Senate) whose seats are never all up for election at the same time
recess two-year period of time during which congress meets 112th term, 1st session what term is US in right now?
prorogue distributed, as in seats of a legislative body
specialsession the drawing of electoral district lines to the advantage of a party or group
apportion the power to end a session
reapportion redistributed, as in seats of a legislative body
off-year election a time when both houses of congress temporarily suspend business
single-member district the people and interests the senators represent
gerrymander a legislature made up of 2 houses
continuousbody electoral district from which one person is chosen by the voters for each elected office
constituency a meeting to deal with some emergency situation
delegate laws that are considered and acted upon by the full membership of the House or Senate
partisan the process by which congress, through its committees, check to see that the executive branch agencies are carrying out the policies that congress has set by law
bill a well-known benefit that allows members of congress to mail letters and other materials postage-free by substituting their facsimile signature (frank) for the postage
floorconsideration to begin a new session of congress
oversightfunction feel duty-bound to cast their votes in line with the party platform and the views of their party's leaders
franking privilege agents of the people who elected them;

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