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The first president who organized the first cabinet and proved that the U.S. had the power and will to enforce its laws during the Whiskey Rebellion ANTHONY, MOTT, & STANTON
One of the first political parties, which believed in loose construction and a strong federal government. REMAIN NEUTRAL
The first Secretary of the Treasury, whose developed a plan to pay off debt, tax whiskey, and establish a national bank to solve our financial problems. I also founded the Federalist Party. 1803
One of the first political parties, which believed in strict construction and strong state governments. FREDERICK DOUGLASS
The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court who strengthened the court by developing the power of judicial review. WILLIAM LLOYD GARRISON
The founder of the Democratic-Republican Party and the President who purchased the Louisiana Territory from France. WAR OF 1812
The term that means the Supreme Court has the power to declare laws unconstitutional. HENRY DAVID THOREAU
The policy that warned Europeans not to interfere or try to re-take colonies in North or South America. SAMUEL F. B. MORSE
The advice President Washington gave about foreign policy in his Farewell Address DEMOCRATIC-REPUBLICAN PARTY
The protestor who went to jail rather than pay taxes during the Mexican War because the lands gained from Mexico would become slave states LEWIS & CLARK
The Second American Revolution, war fought against Great Britain over impressment of American sailors and violations of the freedom of the seas. MONROE DOCTRINE
The Native American translator for the Lewis and Clark Expedition GEORGE WASHINTON
The hero of the Battle of New Orleans in the War of 1812, the founder of the modern Democratic Party, and the President responsible for the Trail of Tears INCREASED
The war fought with Mexico after the Texas Annexation which resulted in gaining California and the Southwest. DOROTHEA DIX
The explorers who mapped the Louisiana Territory, charting a route all the way to the Pacific Ocean JUDICIAL REVIEW
The belief that the United States was supposed to stretch from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean JOHN MARSHALL
The forcible removal of Cherokee Indians from the homes in the east to reservations west of the Mississippi River (which journey resulted in many death) HORACE MANN
The inventor of the telegraph and code used to send messages MANIFEST DESTINY
The inventor of the cotton gin and the idea of interchangeable parts HARRIET TUBMAN
The power source for factories, boats, and locomotives ELI WHITNEY
The change from production by hand to large-scale manufacturing by machine DECREASED
The effect of the Industrial Revolution on the amount of goods produced ALEXANDER HAMILTON
The inventor of the first successful steamboat TEMPERANCE
The effect of the Industrial Revolution on the price of goods produced MEXICAN WAR
The leading African-American abolitionist, an escaped slave whose speeches and writings convinced many that slavery was wrong FEDERALIST PARTY
The movement to stop the drinking of alcoholic beverages ROBERT FULTON
An African-American woman, an escaped slave who led hundreds of enslaved people to freedom along the Underground Railroad STEAM ENGINE
The leading white abolitionist whose newspaper, The Liberator, convinced many that slavery was wrong INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION
Woman who led the reform movement to have hospitals for the mentally ill (and also reform prisons) ANDREW JACKSON
The leaders of the women’s rights movement, asking for the right to vote, the right to control property, and other rights for women THOMAS JEFFERSON
The man who led the movement for free public schools SACAJAWEA
The year that the United States purchased Louisiana TRAIL OF TEARS

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