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Ethics Matching Game woohoo!

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Ethics Duty, breach of duty, proximate cause, and damage or injury
Morality Not laws, but courts generally rule against nurses who violate these. Specific and describe the expected behavior on part of the nurse.
Ethical Principles Branch of philosophy concerned with the distinction between right and wrong on the basis of a bodyof knowledge, not only on the basis of opinions
Values clarification Guidelines that identify what the client can expect to recieve in terms of nursing care, determines whether nurses have performed duties in an appropriate manner, or are at risk for liability in a malpractice lawsuit
Ethical Codes Concerned with relationships among persons and protection of person's rights. Violation may cause harm to an individual or property, but no grave threat to society.
Ethical dilemma Developed policy statements on the rights of mentally ill individuals
Ethical reasoning Concerned with enforcement of agreements among private individuals
Advocate Provide broad principles for determining and evaluating client care, not legally binding but BON has authority in most states to reprimand nurses for unprofessional conduct that violates these.
Ethics committees The employer is held liable for any negligent acts of an employee if the alleged negligent act occurred during the employmen relationship and was withing the scope of the employee's responsibilities
Nurse Practice Acts Process of analyzing ones's own values to understand oneself more competely regarding what is truly important
Standards of Care Multidisciplinary approach to facilitate dialouge concerning ethical dilemmas
Respondeat superior Codes that direct of govern nursing actions (i/e Autonomy, Beneficence, Justice)
Institutional policies Formalized decision making process between representatives of management and representatives of labor to negotiate wages and conditions of employment
Board of Nursing Vary from state to state; encourage health care providers to assist in emergency situations and limit liability and offer legal immunity for persons helping in an emergency, provided that they give reasonable cause
Causes for disciplinary action When a client is not allowed to leave a facility when there is no legal justification to detain the client
Negligent Acts Should be filled out when a patient refuses care
Negligence Responsible for denying, revoking, or suspending the licenses of nurses
Malpractice A civil wrong, other than a breach in contract, in which the law allows an injured person to seek damages from a person who caused injury
Proof of liability Violating confidentiality, intruding on private client or family matters, sharing client information with unauthorized persons
Contract Law Conduct that falls below the standard of care
Civil Law Deliberate deception intended to produce unlawful gains
Criminal Law Behavior in accordance with customs or tradition, usually reflecting personal or religious beliefs
Tort Law Issued Patient's Bill of Rights
Good Samaritan Laws Occurs when there is a conflict between two principles; no correct alternative exists, nurse must make a decision between two alternatives that are equally unsatisfactory
Immunity from suit Negligence on the part of the nurse; if the nurse owed a duty to a client and did not carry out the duty and the client was injured because the nurse failed to perform a duty
Collective bargaining Intentional touching of another's body without consent
Assault When a person puts another person in fear of a harmful situation or offensive contact
Battery Someone who speaks up for or on behalf of a client, even it the client's wishes go against conventional ethics
Invasion of privacy Medication errors, failure to provide safety for a client, failure to use sterile technique, failure to check equipment functionality, burns sustained to a client by failing to monitor temperature of bath, failure to monitor and report changes in a client's condition, failure to provide a complete report to oncoming nursing staff
False imprisonment Right to considerate and respectful care, right to know the names and roles of persons involved in care, right to know about hospital rules that affect treatment, right to know if the hospital has relationships with outside parties that may influence treatment or care, right to have an advance directive, right to privacy, right to be informed about diagnosis/possible treatments/likely outcomes and to discuss this information with the health care provider
Against Medical Advice Form Reflects acknowledgement of a client's right to participate in her or his health care with an emphasis on client autonomy
Defamation When all conditions of the state law are met, such as the healthcare provider recieves no compensation for the care provided and the care given is not intentionally negligent
Fraud Concerned with relationships between individuals and governments, and with acs that threaten society and its order
Client's Bill of Rights Series of statutes that have been enacted by each state legislature concerning educational requirements for nurses, defines scope of practice, licensure requirements, grounds for disciplinary action
Mental Health Systems Act False communication that causes damage to someone's reputation, either in writing (libel) or verbally (slander)
American Hospital Association The process of thinking through what should be done in an orderly and systematic manner to provide justification for actions based on principles
The Joint Commission Unprofessional conduct, breach of client confidentiality, failure to use standards of care, nursing judgement, or skills properly, physically or verbally abusing a client, assuming duties without adequate preparation, knowingly delegating to unlicensed personnel nursing care that puts a client at risk for injury, failure to maintain adequate record for a client, falsifying a client's records, leaving a nursing assignment without properly notifying appropriate personnel
Client's rights when hospitalized Developed rights for mentally ill people

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