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Ethic and Legal Matching Game Part II

Right for the Mentally Ill Appoints a person (health care proxy) chosen by the client's behalf when the client can no longer make decisions
The Uniform Anatomical Gift Act The client's approval to have his or her body touched by a specific individual
United Network for Organ Sharing Right to be treated with dignity and respect, right to keep clothing and personal items with them, right to be employed, right to education, right to manage property, right to sue or be sued, right to marry or divorce, right to informed consent, right to treatment and to refuse treatment, right to refuse participation in experimental procedures, right to execute wills, right to religious freedom
Informed Consent Legally required by accrediting agencies, state licensing laws, and state nurse and medical practice acts
Consents A minor who has established independence from their parents through marriage, service in the armed forces, pregnancy, or court order
Special Consents Legal documents that indicate the client's permission to perform surgery, perform a treatment or procedure, or give information to a third party
Emancipated minor provides a list of individuals who can provide informed consent for the donation of a deceased indvidual's organs
HIPPA Necessary when using restraints on a client, photographing the client, disposal of body parts during surgery, donating organs after death, performing an autopsy
Risk management Lists medical treatment that a client chooses to omit or refuse if the client becomes unable to make decisions and is terminally ill
Incident reports Indicates that clients must be provided with information about their rights to identify written directions about the care that they wish to receive in the event that they become incapacitated and are unable to make health care decisions
Documentation Sets criteria for organ donations
Client Self-Determination Act Order written by a health care provider when a client has indicated a desire to be allowed to die if the client suffers cardiac or respiratory arrest
Living Will Planned method to identify, analyze, and evaluate risks, followed by a plan for reducing the frequency of accidents and injuries
Durable powers of attorney Requires that personal health information (PHI) be kept private, provides information about the legal responsibilities regarding privacy, and explains the client's rights with respect to PHI.
Do not resuscitate order (DNR) Used as a means of identifying risk situations and improving client care

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