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Teamwork and Collaboration

Case management Consequences include resolution, stagnation, or escalation
Case manager Occurs within a person
Critical pathway delivers treatments designed to improve the clients ventilation and oxygenation status
Variation analysis assists in planning dietary measures to improve or maintain a client's nutritional status
Conflict Occurs between and among clients, nurses, or other staff members
Intrapersonal conflict counsels clients and families about home care services and assists the continuing care nurse with planning discharge
Interpersonal conflict Perception that the goal may be blocked
Organizational conflict A continuous process that the case manager and other caregivers conduct by comparing the specific client outcomes with the expected outcomes described on the critical pathway
Avoidance Neglecting one's own needs, goals, or concerns (unassertive) while trying to satisfy others (win lose)
Accommodation Arises from perception of incompatability or difference in beliefs, attittudes, values, goals, priorities, or decisions
Competition Pursuing one's own needs and goals at the expense of others, may stand up for rights and defend important principles
Compromise health care delivery strategy that supports managed care; it uses an interprofessional health care delivery approach that provides comprehensive client care throughout the client's illness, using available resources to promote high-quality cost-effective care. Includes developing a plan of care, assessment, follow up, coordination of services, and referrals.
Physical therapist develops adaptive devices that help chronically ill or handicapped clients perform activities of daily living
Occupational therapist Occurs when an employee confronts the policies and procedures of the organization
Respiratory therapist Assertive and cooperative; work creatively and openly to find the solution that most fully satisfies all important goals and concerns to be achieved
Nutritionist Behavioral response to conflict: view from another’s perspective; collect more data; or discuss the issue
Continuing Care nurse Help the registered nurse with specified tasks and functions
Assistive personnel Unassertive and uncooperative; do not pursue their own goals or needs and no not assist others with theirs (lose lose)
Administrative staff A clinical management care plan for providing client-centered care and for planning and monitoring the client's progress within an established time frame
Social worker  A professional nurse who assumes responsibility for coordinating the clien'ts care at admission and after discharge
Causes of unresolved conflict assist in examining, testing, and treating physically disabled patients
Frustration Differing values, Inconsistency with authority, Inadequate communication, Lack of trust, Unclear position descriptions, Inadequate action plans, Inability to accept change, Lack of leadership, Power issues, Struggle resulting from different goals, views, or ethics
Conceptualization organize and schedule diagnostic tests and procedures and arrange for services needed by the client and family
Action Cannot see a problem from another’s perspective
Outcomes coordinates discharge plans for the client

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