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Teamwork and Collaboration II

Effects of unresolved conflict for health care professionals Occupational stress; Poor morale; decreased productivity; absenteeism
Effects of unresolved conflict for organizations Helps maintain visibility of surgical site, Helps control bleeding, Helps close wounds and applies dressings
Effects of unresolved conflict for client care Intraoperative caregivers who provide direct client care from periphery of sterile field
Non-sterile surgical team members manages care during recovery period
Circulating RN Performs surgical procedure and post-operative care
Sterile-members  Reviews preoperative assessment, Positions client/applies restraints for safety, Establishes and implements intraoperative plan of care, Evaluates the care, Provides for continuity of care after surgery, Assists with procedures (intubation; blood administration), Provides additional supplies, Verifies sponge and instrument counts,Maintains accurate and complete written record
Scrub High turnover rate; reduced group cohesiveness
Anesthesia provider Intraoperative caregivers who provide direct care within the sterile field
Surgeon Enables a person to act in his/her own best interest without infringing on rights of others, Includes active listening and reflective feedback
First Assist Decreased quality of care; Increased medication errors; client safety
Anesthesiologist and PACU nurse Maintains sterile field during procedure, Assists with applying sterile drape, Anticipates, plans for, and responds to needs of surgeon, Hands instruments and other sterile supplies to surgeon, Counts sponges and instruments
Assertive communication Maintains airway access: intubation, Establishes/maintains IV access: peripheral or central line, Monitors client c,ondition and vital signs, Adjusts medication as needed, Manages care in the post anesthesia care unit (PACU)

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