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Shelley Amirato

endoparasites a parasite having a parasite
hyperparasitism live within the bodies of other organisms
vector formation of an outer protective coating. protects against unfavorable environmental conditions.
parasitology parasites that cause disease
pathogens live on the surface of other organisms. Outside the host.
parasite a vector in which the parasite goes through part of its life cycle
ectoparasites a vector in which the parasite does not go through part of its lifecycle during transit. i.e. a fly with feces on its feet
biological vector agent of transmission
mechanical vector an organism that lives at the expense of another organism, of a different species
intermediate host harbors a parasite while it reproduces sexually
definitive host evading host defenses. go intracellular where they avoid host defense mechanisms
antigens harbor the parasite during some other developmental stage
encystment study of protozoa, helminths, and arthropods that live at the expense of other organisms
invading host cells evading host defenses. Faster than the host can make antibodies. Causes the host to make antibodies that do not react with parasites antigens

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