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AGEI2 lesson 7


the a/c isn't working a VW car will last for years and years and years
my room is too noisy he has left his office and gone for coffee
what time do I need to check out? percentage reduction
can I have the check please? there aren't enough of these in the bathroom
can I leave my luggage till 4 o'clock? a person who sells products/services
is there a shuttle to the airport? your heating system is very complicated
Hi, can I check in please? the name is Irvine be present
can I have an extra blanket? won't harm the planet
can we have another towel? I want to settle the bill for my room
how do you switch on the radiator? I'm busy then
I'll check my schedule I made a reservation and I've just arrived at reception
how about meeting at 3 o'clock? can you provide this if the product breaks down?
I can't make it on Thursday something came up and I need to re-schedule
I have to put off our appointment a product I can try without buying
a rain check when can you deliver the goods?
the line's busy when do I have to vacate my room?
I'll get back to you I'll look at my diary
extension number I'll pass you to the person you want to speak to
I'll put you through he's already on the phone with somebody
not at his desk the nightclub is just under my room
colour range can you keep my bags until it's time to go to the airport?
benefits a cancellation
reliability direct line in an office
environmental friendliness it's too hot in here!
payment terms it's a good time for me. What about you?
availability what a product can offer you
credit period there aren't enough covers on the bed
discount 30, 60 days to pay
sample conditions of paying for the goods
a sales rep does the hotel have a bus to take me to the airport?
after sales service I'll re-contact you with the information
attend a meeting red, white,black, blue, greeen

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