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Root Words


Match roots to their definition

re to write
poly law, justice
pre to throw
post to cut
mono to bend
uni a writing
bi same
tri to break through
ly to believe
able two
less to build
ology half
semi one
migr bad, abnormal, worse
micro before
aqua to bind or tighten
dis group, friendly
ped to live
manu, man a fear of
spec good, well
dict three
reg able to do something
hetero state or quality of
homo hand
cide, cise heat
ject different
sect to join, meet, link
mit, miss related to or one that is
port not
cred to carry
scib, script sound, voice
graph the study of
jur, jus, jud to rule, royal
ben, bene, bon Many
mal, male foot
bio life
vit, viv water
flect, flex to watch
frail, fract, frag to move
junct, join, jug every
rupt to pull
tract to send
vers, vert behind, after, or late
cede, ceed, cess small
struct to kill
phon, phono, phone together
therm to do again
socio go, yield
strain, strict, string to speak
quad four
co, com without
phobia to break or shatter
ence, ance one
ian, or  to turn

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