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Video Terminology

Rigoberto Hernandez

Study guide

Aperture A overall term that refers to information that is in a media presentation.
Aspect Ratio Preparing for the fundamental parts in making a multimedia project.
Codec A procedure where two video images are joined together.
Compression The quality of the video created, i.e. 1080 p, 720 p Standard resolution
Content Filming video that will be in a project.
Credits Recognition that is handed to people and places that were very important in the production of a movie, play, etc.
Cut The editing of the product. It is prepared to be shown to the public.
Dissolve  is a tool for special effects where you can add a background to anything.
Editing is audio, video, and other media together into a complete video.
Fades short for compressor/decompressor. A codec is any technology used for compressing & decompressing information.
FPS both takes an automatic reading, or one chosen by the user, and sets the balance for the ambient light in the scene based on the information.
Green Screen This process involves removing parts of a clip that you don't want in your project without deleting them from the original source material. You can trim by adjusting the start or end trim points of a clip.
Movie File  a transition in a video where one scene fades while another one appears.
MPEG  is reducing the quantity of data related to a single frame of video information. Compression ratios are usually 100:1. Usually, it reduces 1 megabyte of data to about 10 kilobytes. By compressing, more information can be stored anywhere.
Pan and Zoom  a program that is just like Video for Windows, but it is by Apple.
Picture in Picture an opening in a lens that can be modified. It regulates the light that goes into a camera. The size of the aperture is measured in f-stops.
Player A descriptive name given to a play, animated production or movie
Post Production The computer process of creating a special effect, animation or editing task
Pre Production The method of smoothly moving from one video clip or photo to another.
Production A view of the workspace that focuses on the timing of your clips.
QuickTime To improve and change
Rendering it is a technique for making video where some parts of the image are magnified.
Script to move from one scene in a movie to another, rapidly.
Shutter Speed A program that is able to play multimedia files.
Story Board To appear gradually or disappear gradually.
Timeline Timelines are divided into horizontal sections known as tracks. Clips are arranged in various tracks to adjust their timing relative to one another.
Title Sketches depicting different scenes in a play, animated production or movie
Tracks The manuscript of spoken words and/or the sequence of events and scenes in a movie, play, or other entertainment or artistic performance.
Transition  Moving Picture Experts Group. It is a set of rules used for coding audio and visual information, in one format.
Trimming Some of the latest capture devices, mostly external ones, are connected to the PC via the USB port. These offer a much lower data-rate than FireWire/iLink, but they do not require a capture card to be installed into the PC. Generally they are good for capturing high-resolution still images from video or lower resolution MPEG-1 video files
USB The shutter electronically the amount of time that light passing through a lens exposes onto the CCD. Most camcorders are set at a shutter speed of 1/50 sec, with fast shutter speeds varying from 1/120 sec through to 1/10,000 sec. The higher the speed the more precise the detail and the less blur noticeable.
Video Resolution  refers to how many frames are shown on a video in one second.
White Balance  is the width of a picture to the height. The most common aspect ratios are 4:3 and 16:9.

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