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all things buring

if you miss you school you have trouble paddington
if i hang out with yogi i have grizzly
if pooh trips you have a  bears
spanish for what happens if pooh trips cindy bear
northern bear a bear with me
smarter than the average bad news bears
yogi bears sidekick boo boo
yogis wanna be girlfriend polar
something bad three bears
easy going and kind bear teddy bear
video game bruin with bird bud bear down
boston hockey team papa bear
chicago football team gentle ben
really bad little league team oso bejar
chicago baseball team country bears
if the hyenas ate yougn simba they had baby
chubby little cubby all stuffed with fluff bruin
proper english bear winnie the pooh
fabric or cuddly bear yogi
goldilocks visited them bruin
soup too hot for goldilocks big al
soup too cold for her courderoy
just right for goldilocks soupwise mama bear
rude crude movie dude cubs
teddy roosevelt was the inspiration banjo
cw picking bruins at disney cub sandwich
big bad dude with god awful country singing voice ted

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