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istep practice


last minute practice on the terminology of the test

personifcation use information given to draw a conclusion
simile set a purpose for reading, an overview
understatement where and when a story takes place
hyperbole causes problems for the good guy
alliteration exaggerating facts or importance
allusion person who tells the story
euphemism represents information in a specific way
foreshadowing how are things alike
idiom comparison using like or ask
metaphor refering to something in history or mythology
onomatopoeia tells you where to find information in a book
parallelism identifies key topics by page they start on
revise good guy in a story
sequence order of events
compare the feeling a reader gets from a story
contrast angle or vantage point from which a story is told
infer word formed by imitating natural sounds
protagonist authros attitude towards the subject emotion she wants to convey
antagonist comparing without like or as
setting shows direction
dialouge an expressing with accepted meaning
narrator conversation between two or mor characters
point of view rewrite for clarity
flashback how are things different
tone use of corresponding syntax and grammar forms
mood making something less important
theme part of a book where terms are defined
glossary the main idea or point the authro wants to make
text features a less offensive way to say something
compass rose bold face, italics, bullets etc
preface repeating initial sounds
index break in the story to introduce information from the past
table of contents giving hints of what is to come in a story
graphic aides giving non human things human qualities

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