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ADAP Ch. 2 Traffic Law & Safe Driving

# __ __ __ Name:__________________________

1Passenger vehicle _____Reduced coordination, track moving objects, steering.
2Safety Belt _____12 oz.beer, 8 oz. malt liquor, 5 oz wine, 1.5 oz.shot
3Approved Car/booster seat _____Reduced by high speed crashes
4Steering position _____Illegal for under 21 to drive with a BAC of .02 or higher
5Driving after sunset _____Consuming alcohol prior to 21 years of age
6Inside car lights@night _____Helps reduce the risk of serious injuries
7Common distractions _____When fatal crash rate is nearly double for 16 yr. olds
8Seat belt effectiveness _____Percentage of motor vehicle deaths involving alcohol
931 Percent _____Reduced ability to concentrate, memory loss, perception
103-second space margin _____Pick-up trucks, vans, SUV, cars for 10 or fewer
11Alcohol _____One of the most widely used drugs in the world
1241 Pecent _____Males more than 2, females more than 1 drink per day.
13Underage drinking _____Provides visibility, time and space to avoid crashes.
14Zero Tolerance laws _____Cell phones, texting, car stereo systems.
15.02 BAC Effects _____3 & 9 O'clock or 4 & 8 O'clock if airbags
16.05 BAC Effects  _____Greatly reduces night vision while driving
17.08 BAC Effects _____Problems with relationships, school, social activities
18Standard Drink in U.S.  _____Fatal crashes that were speed related in 2007
19Why individual reactions to alcohol vary- _____Decline in visual function and mulitasking
20Heavy drinking _____Age, gender, food consumption, drugs, family history
21Signs of a Drinking Problem _____Required for 8 yrs. and younger

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