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Poetry Terms - TEST REVIEW

Use this to review for your poetry test!

1Alliteration _____Emphasized syllable (usually read louder or with a stronger pitch) represented with "DUM"
2Assonance _____Comparing to unlike objects with comparison words (like, as, etc)
3Consonance _____Japanese unrhymed poem of 17 syllables; arranged in 3 lines of 5, 7, 5 syllables; generally about a scene in nature
4Cinquain poem _____Giving human characteristics to a non-human object (The tree danced in the wind.)
5Concrete poem _____Repetition of the beginning consonant sound in words that are close together (The cat caught ketchup with his claws.)
6End rhyme _____Un-emphasized syllable (usually read softer) represented with "da"
7Figurative language _____Reoccurring pattern of rhythms (da da DUM da da DUM da da DUM)
8Foot _____A unit within a larger poem, usually grouped by a rhythm or rhyme with similar length and patterns; usually separated by spaces (aka verse)
9Free verse _____Not meant to be taken literally; used to state ideas in more imaginative and vivid ways (metaphor, simile, personification, etc.)
10Haiku _____Rhyming of the final syllables of a line
11Hyperbole _____A five line poem, usually unrhymed, with 1, 2, 3, 4, and 1 word in each respective line
12Identical Rhyme _____Poetry not written with regular rhythm or meter, seeks to capture the rhythm of speech
13Internal rhyme _____A funny 5 line poem with an "aabba" rhyme scheme
14Limerick _____A poem of praise
15Metaphor _____Repetition of internal vowel sounds in words that are close
16Meter _____Either the vowels or the consonants of stressed syllables are similar but not both (fast, lost)
17Mood _____The pattern of sounds made by varying the stressed and unstressed
18Ode _____Repetition of sounds at the end of 2 or more words (sleigh, hay)
19Onomatopoeia _____An exaggeration (He the smartest boy EVER! I'm so hungry, I could eat a horse!)
20Personification _____Rhyming syllables within one line of a verse
21Poem _____Composed of stressed and unstressed syllables (da DUM)
22Rhyme _____Poem that creates a visual image for the reader because of how the words are arranged
23Rhyme scheme _____The consonants at the end of the words are the same but the words do not rhyme perfectly (fast, lost, trust)
24Rhythm _____How the author feels about the subject of the poem\
25Simile _____Using the exact same word at the end of more than one line to create a rhyme
26Slant rhyme _____A word representing a sound (boom, crash, meow, creak)
27Stanza _____The pattern of end rhyme of a poem labeled with lower case letters ("aaba")
28Stressed syllable _____Comparison of unlike objects without like or as
29Tone _____Writing that expresses ideas with rhythm, rhyme, figurative language, and/or in a song like way
30Unstressed syllable _____The general feeling the poem creates for the reader

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