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Diary of Anne Frank

A person one knows slightly foreboding
annoying intuition
one united with another, (friends) prejudice
discrimination, prejudice forlorn
out of order amiss
horrified aggravating
master race consisting of blond/blue-eyed voice
military style living quarters acquaintance
sympathizing deeply, showing compassion deportation
camp where prisoners are confined oppression
expulsion of an undesirable alien from country anti-semitism
wipe out completely loathe
feeling that something bad is going to happen concentration camp
abandoned or deserted gestapo
murder of group of people jubilation
nazi police sustenance
part of city where minorities live ghetto
leader of the Nazi party, dictator genocide
genocide of Jews exterminate
lack of concern or feeling barracks
unbearable Adolf Hitler
a gut feeling non-fiction
happy celebration appalled
dislike intensely indifference
member of National Socialist party founded by Hitler synthesize
violent intense attack Holocaust
domination by curel abuse of power insufferable
angry and insulted vile
wild disorder or confusion compassionate
irrational hatred of a group pandemonium
suppose Nazi
individual taking blame for others scapegoat
comfort outraged
curel and unjust government allies
disgusting reckon
fact based writing tyranny
combine pieces of writing Aryan
author's style of writing onslaught
a form of literature that includes action, tragedy or excitement drama

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