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American Heroes


To practice the American Heroes for Social Studies 3rd grade standards

Paul Revere OBSTACLES: lived in an area where many immigrants worked on farms with unfair and poor working conditions
Frederick Douglass OBSTACLES: was an African American who lived during a time of discrimination and prejudice
Susan B. Anthony OBSTACLES: lived during a time when many people in countries around the world did not have basic rights and freedoms
Mary McLeod Bethune OBSTACLES: was a patriot during the time of the American Revolution who lived in a city where many British soldiers were quartered
Franklin D. Roosevelt OBSTACLES: was a former African American slave who lived during the Civil War era
Eleanor Roosevelt OBSTACLES: lived during a time when children of a specific background did not receive the same quality of education as other children
Thurgood Marshall OBSTACLES: lived during a time period when women did not have the same rights as men
Lyndon B. Johnson OBSTACLES: lived during the time of the Great Depression when many people were homeless and out of work; also lived during a time when much of the world was at war
César Chávez OBSTACLES: lived during a time when people were denied civil and voting rights based on their backgrounds

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