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take me out to the ball game


match the nicknames to the players

babe lawrence berra
iron man al simmons
spendid splinter rogers hornsby
the man johnny mize
arriba roger clemens
say hey kid christy mathewson
rajah joe dimagio
the grey eagle phil garner
old aches and pains willie mays
yogi johnny evers
chipper jerome dean
the hammer paul waner
cha cha ty cobb
pops tom seaver
poosh em up john f baker
the yankee clipper tris speaker
the big cat frank frisch
tom terrific roberto clemente
mr cub sam crawford
georgia peach al kaline
wahoo  stan musial
dizzy ernie banks
scooter reggie jackson
big six john p wagner
home run herman earl clifton
toy cannon larry jones
crime dog lloyd waner
scrap iron orlando cepeda
king carl willie stargel
bucketfoot tony lazzari
mr tiger fred mcgriff
mickey ted williams
fordham flash george medwick
rocket luke appling
mr october phil rizuto
crab gordan cochrane
honus jimmy wynn
twinkeltoes mike cueallar
little poison george herman ruth
big poison lou gerigh
ducky hank aaron
k.o. george selkirk
flea bill delancy
crazy horse carl hubble

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