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match the big cheese to the little guy on the side

jutice league robin
captain america barney fife
aquaman chewbaca
the hulk bucky
the flash kronk
green lantern tinkerbell
lone ranger abu
fred flintstone short round
sherlock holmes tonto
han solo war machine
frodo baggins dr watson
andy griffen ottis
johnny carson pieface
maverick robot
hades (hercules animated)  achilles
jafar jubilee
aladin babe
yzma aqualad
phoebus (hunchback of notre dame) meeko
mulan kid flash
kristoff sven
captain hook ed mcmahon
indiana jones paulie
peter pan warriors three
batman pain and panic
blue devil jimmy olsen
green arrow rick jones
gertrude yerklis mr smee
simba old lace
master (beyond thunderdom) timon and pumba
saurman snapper carr
rocky balboa barney rubble
paul bunyan iago
buffy summers samwise gamgee
superman blaster
iron man gilligan
thor kid devil
lex luthor (superman 1) mushu
will robinson (lost in space) toad
the skipper speedy
pocohantas (disney) goose
magneto grima
wolverine xander and willow

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