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Illinois Real Estate Law

Directions: Please match the words below to the definitions.

Branch Office License Funds administered through the department for research and scholarships.
Division of Professional Regulation License fees and other funds initially go here.
Illinois Department of Finacial and Professional Regulation A seperate license that must be obtained for each branch of office a sponsoring broker wishes to establish.
Real Estate Administration and Disciplinary Board A fund established to cover claims of aggrieved parties who have suffered monetary damage through the actions of a real estate licensee.
Real Estate License Administration Fund The broker who has issued a sponsor card to a licensed broker, managing broker, or leasing agent.
Sponsoring Broker Is charged with protecting and improving the lives of illinois consumers.
Real Estate Recovery Fund Has primary authority to administer the Illinois Real Estate License Act of 200.
Real Estate Research and Education Fund Acts in the advisory capacity to the Real Estate Coordinator regarding matters involving standards of professional conduct, discipline, and examination.

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