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ABLE asking someone to do what you want.
ACCEPT to say that you are not satisfied with something.
ADD to become present.
AGREE to break something.
ALLOW to say yes to someone.
ANSWER can do an action.
APPEAR to cut a part of a picture.
ARREST to give permission.
BEAT to force air up from your throat with a loud noise.
BECOME to talk to someone while he or she is doing something or talking to other people.
BEG to keep doing something without stopping or to start doing again something you have stoppped.
BELIEVE to give money if you think you are right or what you think will happen, mostly in a game.
BEND to take air inside your nose or mouth and blow it outside.
BET to use something that is not yours and promise to give it back again.
BOAST to put things together to make a large number.
BORROW to get something.
BOTHER to move something down
BOW to be something or someone.
BREATHE to tell people about you, what you can do, or what you have for them to like you.
BRING to have fire.
BURN to treat a wound or a sick person.
COMPLAIN a response to a question.
CONTINUE to take something or someone with you.
COUGH to make something.
COVER to put one thing over another to protect or hide it.
CRASH to think that something or someone is telling the truth.
CREATE to hit someone or something many times.
CROP to take someone to the jail.
CURE to move your head down.

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