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20 Random Points 2


1Bl 10 _____2 cun superior to upper border of pubic symphysis, 0.5 cun lateral to anterior midline, level with Ren 4
2K 13 _____on anterior midline, 2 cun superior to centre of umbilicus
3Bl 57 _____in depression at the junction of shafts and bases of 4th and 5th metatarsal bones, lateral to the tendon of extensor digitorum longus. (exit pt, opens dai , closes yang wei)
4GB 39 _____middle of the calf, between heads of gastrocnemius muscle, on a line connecting Bl 40 and Bl 60, ~ 8 cun distal to Bl 40 (heavenly star pt, effects divergent channel)
5Du 11 _____In the depression anterior and inferior to lateral malleolus, lateral to endons of extensor digitorum longus muscle (opposite Sp 5**, yuan source pt)
6SI 10 _____Directly superior to SI 11, in centre of supraspinous fossa (meeting pt with GB, SJ, & LI channels)
7GB 40 _____With arm adducted on an imaginary line extending in a superior direction from the posterior axillary fold, on lower border of scapular spine (meeting pt with yang wei and yang qiao and in a line superior to SI 9)
8GB 41 _____on posterior border of sternocleidomastoid, directly inferior to mastoid process, at level of mandibular angle. (Window of Heaven pt, evil wind reflex pt, insert for no more than 2 minutes)
9SJ 17 _____on anterior midline, 1 cun superior to centre of umbilicus
10SJ 5 _____3 cun proximal to highest prominence of lateral malleolus, on ANTERIOR border of fibula (hui meeting pt of Marrow)
11SI 12 _____3 cun proximal to anterior wrist joint space/most distal wrist crease, between tendons of palmaris longus and flexor carpi radialis muscles. (jing river pt, metal pt)
12SI 11 _____on anterior midline, 1 cun inferior to umbilicus (meeting pt with Chong and Kid channels)
13GB 1 _____with mouth open, in depression behind earlobe, between mastoid process and mandible, needled with mouth open very shallowly in anterior direction.
14Ren 10 _____On midline, below spinous process of T5, level with Bl 15
15Ren 9 _____on scapula, in depression on the infraspinatus muscle, ond third of distance from midpoint of scapular spine and inferior angle of scapula (master pt for shoulder)
16Ren 7 _____~ 1.5 cun lateral to Du 15, where trapezius inserts on lower border of occuput close to where major occipital nerve emerges. (window of heaven pt)
17Sp 15 _____2 cun proximal to dorsal wrist joint space or crease, between radius and ulna. (Luo pt)
18SJ 6 _____4 cun lateral to centre of umbilicus on mammillary line. (meeting pt with yin wei)
19P 5 _____3 cun proximal to dorsal wrist space/crease, in a depression between radius and ulna, radial to tendon of extensor digitorum communis muscle (jing river pt, fire pt, horary pt)
20SJ 16 _____in bony depression on lateral aspect of orbital margin level with outer eye canthus (entry pt, meeting pt with SI & SJ)

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