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20 Random Points 3


1Ren 23 _____on maxilla, slightly inferior to lateral margin of nostril.
2Ren 22 _____on midline, 3.5 cun superior to anterior hairline or 1.5 cun anterior to Du 20
3HE 3 _____in a depression on the upper border of the sygomatic arch, approx 1 cun anterior to root of ear, superior to St 7
4SJ 3 _____at the junction of a line connecting apices of ears and the midline, 5 cun from anteior or 7 cun from posterior hairline respectively
5LI 19 _____on anterior midline, 2 cun superior to upper border of pubic symphysis, or 3 cun inferior to umbilicus. (front mu of SI)
6SJ 4 _____anterior to the ear, with mouth open in depression at the level of the intertragic notch, on lower border of condyloid process of mandible. (lowest point in front of ear)
7Ren 19 _____At junction of upper quarter and second quarter of a line connecting St 8 and GB 7
8Du 22 _____on anterior midline, at level of 2nd intercostal space.
9Du 21 _____on the anterior midline, 1 cun superior to upper border of pubic symphysis, or 4 cun inferior to umbilicus. (Front mu of Bladder)
10Du 20 _____On lateral aspect of foot , distal to tuberosity of 5th metatarsal bone. (yuan source pt)
11Bl 64 _____1 cun lateral and 1 cun distal to Bl 57 or 7 cun proximal Bl 60, at the posterior border of fibula and on the lower border of the gastrocnemius. (luo pt)
12Bl 60 _____in depression on line connectinf the Achilles tendon and highest prominence of lateral malleolus (jing river pt, fire pt, heavenly star pt, aspirin pt, opposite K 3)
13Ren 4 _____At junction of second and third quarter of an imaginary line connecting St 8 and GB 7 (which is on the circumauricular hairline(
14Ren 3 _____On midline, 2 cun superior to anterior hairline
15GB 5 _____at medial end of supraspinous fossa (approx level with T2)
16GB 4 _____With elbow flexed, in a depression between ulnar end of transverse cubital crease and medial epicondyle of humerus. (opposite LI 11, he sea pt, water pt)
17GB 3 _____on dorsum of hand, in depression between 4th and 5th metacarpal bones, proximal to metacarpophalangeal joints. At junction between heads and shafts of the two metacarpals. (shu stream pt, wood pt, tonification pt. targets temples)
18GB 2 _____0.5 cun superior to sternum, in centre of suprasternal fossa (window of heaven pt, meeting pt with yin wei)
19SI 13 _____on dorsum of wrist, above wrist joint space/dorsal wrist crease, in gap between tendons of extensor digitorum (on ulnar aspect) and the extensor digiti minimi muscles (on radial aspect) - yuan source pt
20Bl 58 _____On anterior midline, superior to upper border of hyoid bone

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