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20 Random Points 5


1P 8 _____on thumb, 0.1 cun from radial corner of nail. (jing well pt, wood pt, sun si miao ghost pt)
2St 41 _____anterior to ear, with mouth open, at level of the middle of the tragus, in a depression between tragus and condyloid process of mandible (exit pt)
3Du 13 _____on ankle, level of highest prominence of lateral malleolus, in depression beween the tendons of the extensor digitorum longus and extensor hallucis longus. (jing river pt, fire pt)
4SJ 1 _____Anterior to ear, with mouth open in depression at the level of the supratragic notch and slightly superior to the condyloid process of the mandible.
5St 40 _____on midline, below spinous process of T1
6St 38 _____3 cun lateral to Du 24, 0.5 cun superior to anterior hairline.
7SI 15 _____on ring finger, 0.1 cun from ulnar corner of nail. (jing well pt metal pt, entry pt)
8SJ 21 _____at midpoint of line joining St 35 and St 41, 2 fingerwidths alteral to anterior crest of tibia or 1 fingerwidth lateral to St 38, between extensor digitorum longus and peroneus brevis muscles. (luo pt)
9SJ 22 _____6 cun distal to St 35 or 3 cun distal to St 36 and one fingerwidth lateral to anterior crest of tibia. (lower he sea of LI)
10St 37 _____at the midpoint of the palmar border of 1st metacarpal bone (ying sprng pt, fire pt)
11Du 12 _____1.5 cun superior to apex of ear and 0.5 cun posterior to GB 8. Approximately superior to posterior margin of ear.
12Ren 11 _____at midpoint of line joining St 35 and St 41, one fingerwidth lateral to anterior crest of tibia.
13Lu 11 _____on midline, below spinous process of T3, level with Bl 13.
14Lu 10 _____2 cun lateral to lower border of psinous process of 7th thoracic vertebra on levator scapula muscle.
15Lu 9 _____on ventral aspect of wrist, at level of wrist joint space /most distal wrist crease; on radial aspect of radial artery and ulnar to tendon of abductor pollicis longus muscle.
16K 27 _____in the centre of the palm, between 2nd and 3rd metalcarpal bones, slightly closer to 3rd metacarpal. (ying spring pt, fire pt, horary pt, sun si miao ghost pt, exit pt)
17GB 13 _____in a depression on the border of the circumauricular temporal hairline, anterior to and level with root of auricle. ~ exit pt.
18GB 10 _____on anterior midline, 3 cun superior to umbilicus
19SI 19 _____on lower border of clavicle, 2 cun lateral to anterior midline (shu of shus)
20GB 9 _____posterior to ear, at junction of upper third with the two lower thirds of the curved line connecting GB 9 and GB 12, approximately level with apex of ear

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