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20 Random Points 6


1SI 1 _____on the little finger, 0.1 cun from ulnar edge of nail. (jing wellpt, metal pt, entry pt)
2HE 9 _____on lateral aspect of foot, in depression proximal to the head of the 5th metatarsal bone. (shu stream pt, wood pt, sedation pt)
3SI 16 _____with knee flexed, this pt is located 2 cun proximal and slightly medial to medial superior border of patella, in a depression on vastus medialis muscle
4Sp 21 _____3 cun distal to junction of shaft and medial epicondyle of tibia, at posterior border of medial crest of tibia. (xi cleft pt
5LI 20 _____on the little finger, 0.1 cun lateral to radial corner of the nail (jing well pt, wood pt, exit pt)
6Du 16 _____on midline, below spinous process of L4, level with Bl 25
7P 7 _____~ 3.5 cun lateral to anterior midline, at level of laryngeal prominence, on posterior border of sternocleidomastoid. Level with St 9 and LI 18. (window of heaven pt)
8Bl 65 _____ 3 cun distal to St 35 and one finger width lateral to anterior crest of tibia on tibialis anterior muscle (he sea pt, earth pt, horary pt, lower he sea pt, command pt for abdomen, sea of water and grain pt)
9SJ 23 _____3 cun proximal to highest prominence of medial malleolus, on posterior border of medial crest of tibia.
10GB 7 _____on anterior aspect of wrist joint space/most distal wrist crease, between tendons of palmaris longus and flexor carpi radialis muscles. (yuan source pt, shu stream pt, earth pt, su si miao ghost pt, sedation pt)
11GB 6 _____in depression at level of ear apex, within circumauricular temporal hairline, approximately at tjunction of a horizontal line through apex of ear and a vertical line along posterior border ot temple anterior to ear. (level with SJ 20 about 0.5 cun anterior to it)
12St 36 _____with knee flexed, this pt is located in a depression distal to the medial condyle of tibia, at junction of shaft and medial condyle. (he sea pt, water pt, ovary reflex pt)
13Sp 10 _____nasolabial groove; at level of midpoint of lateral borer of ala nasi
14Sp 9 _____on posterior midline, immediately below external occipital protuverance, in depression between origins of trapezius muscle. ~ level with GB 20. (meeting pt with yang wei , sea of marrow pt, window of heaven pt, sun si miao ghost pt)
15P 3 _____on mid-axillary line, 6th intercostal space (according to some, 7th space). Great Luo pt, exit pt
16Sp 8 _____Above GB 7, at the junction of the lower quarter and the upper three quarters of a line connedting St 8 and GB 7
17K 16 _____on the lateral end of the eyebrow, in the bony depression of the frontozygomatic suture, between frontal and zygomatic bones.
18Sp 6 _____On cubital crease, on ulnar side of biceps tendon, between tendon and brachial artery. (he sea pt, water pt)
19GB 21 _____on the midline, below spinous process of C7. meeting pt with all Yang channels, sea of qi pt
20Du 14 _____0.5 cun lateral to centre of umbilicus (meeting pt with Chong, placenta shu)
21Du 3 _____at highest pt of shoulder, at midpoint of a line connecting C7 and lateral extremity of acromion

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