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20 Random Points 8


1Bl 4 _____with eyes looking straight ahead, directly below centre of pupil, in depression at infraorbital foramen
2St 3 _____on anterior midline, at level of 4th intercostal space ( front mu of pericardium)
3Ren 16 _____in 2nd intercostal space, 2 cun lateral to anterior midline
4St 2 _____on lateral aspect of thigh, inferior to greater trochanter, approx 7 cun proximal to popliteal crease (where tip of middle finger rests when laying arm down the lateral aspect of body)
5Bl 3 _____depression at tip of nose
6St 1 _____Directly superior to apex of ear
7GB 31 _____In a depression radial and proximal to styloid process of ulna, which forms when hand is turned from a pronated to a supinated position. (xi cleft pt)
8GB 20 _____1 cun anterior to prominence of medial malleolus, medial to tendon of tibialis anterior muscle, just superior to Sp 5. (jing river and metal pt)
9Du 25 _____2 cun lateral to upper border of pubic symphysis and medial to the femoral artery and vein, approx 1 cun superior to the inguinal groove (meeting pt with the chong, sea of water and grain)
10Du 24 _____between 1st and 2nd toe, proximal to the margin of the interdigital web (ying spring pt, fire pt, sedation pt)
11Du 23 _____on Anterior midline, at level of sternnocostal angle
12SI 6 _____on anterior midline, 1 cun inferior to sternocostal angle, or 7 cun superior to umbilicus ( luo pt)
13SJ 20 _____on anterior midline, 2 cun inferior to sternocostal angle, or 6 cun superior to umbilicus ( front mu of Heart)
14St 30 _____on the midline, 1 cun superior to anterior hairline, or 4 cun anterior to Du 20
15K 25 _____0.5 cun within anterior hairline, superior to medial canthus of the eye
16Liv 2 _____0.5 cun superior to anterior hairline and 1.5 cun lateral to midline
17Ren 17 _____with eyes looking straight ahead, directly below the centre of pupil, between eyeball and infraorbital ridge (entry pt, meeting pt with yang qiao and ren mai)
18Ren 15 _____on Midline, 0.5 cun superior to anterior hairline or 4.5 cun anterior to Du 20
19Ren 14 _____With eyes looking straight ahead, directly below centre of pupil, level with lower border of ala nasi
20Liv 4 _____on lower border of occipital bone, in depression between the origins of the sternocleidmastoid and trapezius muscles, lateral to Du 16

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