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10 Random Points 11


1GB 43 _____1.5 cun lateral to midline and 4 cun superior to anterior hairline or 1 cun anterior to Du 20
2SJ 19 _____Posterior to the ear, in a well defined depression on the centre of the mastoid
3SJ 18 _____2 cun proximal to Kid 3, on anterior border of Achilles tendon ( jing river pt, metal pt, tonification pt)
4K 7 _____posterior to ear, in a well defined depressioin superior to centre of ear
5K 9 _____2 cun lateral to umbilicus ( front mu of LI)
6St 25 _____Between 4th and 5th toes, proximal to the margin of the interdigital web ( ying spring pt, water pt, tonification pt)
7Bl 7 _____on posterior hairline, 1.5 cun superior to Du 17 or 3 cun inferior to Du 20
8LI 11 _____5 cun proximal to highest prominence of medial malleolus, 2 cun posterior to medial border of the tibia ( xi cleft pt of yin wei)
9Du 17 _____With elbow flexed, on lateral end of cubital crease, in a depression between the end of the crease and lateral epicondyle of humerus, on extensor carpi radialis longus muscle. (he sea pt, earth pt, tonification pt, sun si miao ghost pt, heavenly star pt)
10Du 18 _____In a depression superior to external occipital protuberance, approx 2.5 cun superior to posterior hairline, or 1.5 cun superior to Du 16.

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