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GCSE Ethics: Religion, Poverty & Wealth


Definitions of words in GCSE ethics: Religion, Poverty & Wealth

Absolute morality  The condition of being of the same value and importance as something or someone else
Absolute Poverty  When someone doesn't have enough to buy the essentials to live.
Charity An action which is considered to be sinful
Compassion An action which is considered to be good and following the way of Christ
Equality An expression of care and concern for those in need
Fair-trade Money or help given volunterily
Immoral Something which is moral in all circumstances
Moral A movement which aims to give all people a fair price for the goods they produce and safe working conditions
Philanthropist The God-given right or responsibility to care for and manage the world
Poverty  Someone who donates money, goods, services or time to help a cause which benefits society
Relative morality Not having enough for the basic needs
Stewardship The Christian act of giving a tenth of your income to charity
Tithe  The belief that moral rules can change according to particular situations

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