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GCSE Ethics: Human Relationships


GCSE: Human Relationships key definition match up.

Abstinence  A bond between a couple
Adultery Sacred promises a couple make at their marriage
Annulment An act that goes against God's will
Artificial contraception A marriage terminated by the church because it was not valid
Celibate Choosing not to have sex
Civil partnership  Having many sexual partners without commitment
Commitment Medicine or devices which prevent contraception
Promiscuity  The belief that there is something special or holy about life
Sanctity of life Legal recognition of a same-sex relationship with a registry office ceremoney
Sacrament An outward visible sign of an inward spiritual grace. A special action that brings a Christian closer to God
Sin A sexual relationship between a married person and someone to whom they are not married
Vows Remaining unmarried and choosing not to have sexual intercourse

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