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GCSE Ethics: Medical Ethics Definitions


GCSE medical ethics match up

Sanctity of Life The deliberate expulsion of the foetus from the womb
Soul Natural or artificial means to reduce the likelihood of a pregnancy occurring during sex
Conception The deliberate ending of your own life.
Embryo The first collection of cells that develops in the womb when a woman becomes pregnant
Contraception The growing baby in the womb
Foetus The point at which an embryo is created
Infertile The non-physical part of a person which may go to heaven
Abortion Cloning which creates offspring
Miscarriage Someone who is unable to conceive naturally
Reproductive cloning The belief that all life is holy as it was created by God
Therapeutic cloning When a baby is aborted through natural causes
Euthanasia Single cells taken from a person or embryo to create stem cells used for medical
Suicide The ending of a persons life to relieve pain and suffering, this can be done with or without consent.

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