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1a veces  _____there was, there were
2amable  _____impatient
3lively, animated _____fuera de
4when I, He/She was young _____to be envious
5dentro de _____tener verguenza
6divertido _____inside
7outside _____reunirse
8impaciente  _____la risa
9obediente _____cuando era niño(a)
10laugh, laughter _____shy
11sociable  _____animado
12timido(a) _____to say goodbye to
13despedirse _____sentarse
14habia  _____entertaining, fun
15to get together  _____nice
16to sit down  _____to be careful
17tener cuidado  _____tener exito
18tener envidia  _____obedient
19to be successful  _____sociable
20to be ashamed _____sometimes

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