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acupuncture point location 1


1P3 quze  _____3 cun proximal to anterior wrist joint space, between the tendons
2P4 ximen _____in centre of palm, between 2nd and 3rd metacarpals, just a bit closer to the 3rd (on transverse crease)
3P5 jian shi _____Between 2nd and third toe proximal to interdigital fold.
4P7 daling _____on ankle, at level of highest prominence of lateral malleolus, in depression between tendons of extensor digitorum longus and extensor hallucis longus (approx midpoint of anterior ankle at crease where it bends when dorsiflexed)
5P8 laogong _____On the lateral side of the 2nd toe, 0.1 cun posterior to corner of nail
6St 30 qichong _____at midpoint of line joining st 35 and st 41 ( 8 cun distal to St 35) and one fingerwidth lateral to anterior crest of tibia
7St 37 shangjuxu _____2 cun lateral to upper border of pubic symphysis and medial to femoral artery and vein 1 cun superior to inguinal groove
8St 38 tiaokou _____6 cun distal to st 35 or 3 cun distal to st 36 and one fingerwidth lateral to anterior crest of tibia
9St 40 fenglong _____5 cun proximal to anterior space of wrist joint (most distal crease), between palmaris longus and flexor radialis
10St 41 jiexie _____on cubital crease, on ulnar side of biceps tendon, between tendon and artery
11St 44 neiting _____2 cun below anterior axillary fold between the two heads of biceps brachii
12St 45 _____on the anterior aspect of wrist joint space/most distal wrist crease, between palmaris longus and flexor carpi radialis
13P2 tian quan _____at the midpointof lione joining st 35 and st 41 and 2 fingerwidths lateral to anterior crest of tibia or 1 fingerwidth lateral to St 38, between extensor digitorum longus and peroneus brevis muscles

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