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acupuncture point location 3


1Lu 5 _____at midpoint of palmar border of 1st metacarpal bone
2Lu 6 _____on radial aspect of forearm, immediately above styloid process of radius, approx 1.5 cun proximal to wrist joint space/crease in a v-shaped groove.
3Lu 7 _____on ring finger, 0.1 cun from ulnar corner of nail
4Lu 9 _____between little finger and ring finger, proximal to margin of web when hand is in a fist
5Lu 10 _____on dorsum of wrist ABOVE wrist joint space/crease, in gap between tendons of extensor digitorum on ulnar aspect and extensor digit minimi muscles on radial aspect
6Lu 11 _____in cubital crease, on radial aspect of tendon of biceps brachii
7SJ 5 _____2 cun prosimal to dorsal wrist space/crease, between radius and ulna
8SJ 4 _____on dorsum of hand, in a depression between 4th and 5th metacarpal bones, proximal to metacarpophalangeal joints. At the junction between the heads nd shafts of the two metacarpal bones.
9SJ 3 _____on ventral aspect of wrist, level with joint space/most distal crease, on radial aspect of radial artery and ulnar to tendon of abductor pollicis longus
10SJ 2 _____on line connecting Lu 5 and Lu 9, 5 cun distal to Lu 5 or 7 cun proximal to Lu 9
11SJ 1 _____on thumb, 0.1 cun from radial corner of nail

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