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acupuncture point location 5


1Kid 10 _____on the lateral aspect of the foot, in depression proximal to head of 5th metatarsal
2Kid 9 _____5 cun proximal to highest prominence of medial malleolus, 2 cun posterior to the medial border of tibia (~ 1 cun posterior to Liv 5)
3Kid 7 _____1 cun distal and 1 cun lateral to Bl 57 or 7 cun proximal to Bl 60, at the posterior border of fibula and lower border of gastrocnemius
4Kid 6 _____in middle of calf between two heads of gastrocnemius, on a line connecting Bl 40 and Bl 60, ~ 8 cun distal to Bl 40
5Kid 4 _____in centre of popliteal crease between tendons of biceps femoris and semitendinosus
6Kid 3 _____at medial end of popliteal crease, between tendons of semimembranosus and semiteninosus at level of knee joint space
7Kid 2 _____anterior to medial border of achilles tendon superior to its insertion at the calcaneus
8Bl 65 _____on medial border of foot, in a depression at the anterior border of navicular bone, border of red and white skin.
9Bl 64 _____~ 1 cun inferior to highest prominence of medial malleolus, over joint space between talus and calcaneus
10Bl 60 _____in depression on line connecting achilles tendon and highest prominence of lateral malleolus
11Bl 58 _____on lateral aspect of foot, distal to tuberosity of 5th metatarsal bone
12Bl 57 _____2 cun proximal to Kid 3, on anterior border of achilles tendon
13Bl 40 _____in depression between prominence of medial malleolus and achilles tendon

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