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COM271 Theory Matching

Elijah Friedeman

Agenda-setting Deetz
Cognitive Dissonance Walther
Communication Accommodation  McCombs and Shaw
Constructivism Richards
Coordinated Management of Meaning Harding and Wood
Critical Theory of Communication Petty and Cacioppo
Cultivation Theory Burke
Cultural Approach Janis
Dramatism Mead
Elaboration Likelihood Model Aristotle
Expectancy Violations Theory Kramareae
Face Negotiation Theory Hirokawa and Gouran
Functional Perspective on Group Decision Making Ting-Toomey
Genderlect Styles Watzlawick
Group Think Pearce and Cronen
Information Processing Sherif
Muted Group Theory Tannen
Narrative Paradigm Giles
Relational Development Burgoon
Relational Dialectics  McLuhan
Semiotics Barthes
Social Information Processing Shannon and WEaver
Social Judgment Theory Baxter
Social Penetration Theory Altman and Taylor
Speech Codes Theory Philipsen
Standpoint Theory Gerbner
Symbolic Interactionism Berger
Media Ecology Knapp
The Art of Rhetoric Delia
The Interactional View  Geertz and Pacanowsky
The Meaning of Meaning Katz and Blumler
Uncertainty Reduction Theory Fisher
Uses and Gratifications Festinger

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