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Irregular Preterite Stem Verbs

Match the Spanish phrases with their English translation.

1Yo traje _____We (f.) had
2Ella tuvo _____She traveled
3Ustedes pusieron _____You (informal) brought
4Ellos quisieron _____I placed
5Él tradujo _____They (m.) tried
6Tú produjiste _____You translated
7Nosotras dijimos _____He translated
8Yo quise _____I brought
9Vosotras estuvisteis _____We (f.) said
10Él quiso _____You (informal) produced
11Ellas vinieron _____I tried
12Nosotros pudimos _____He tried
13Yo puse _____You (informal) found out
14Tú supiste _____They (f.) said
15Usted supo _____We (m.) succeeded
16Ella anduvo _____They (f.) came
17Ellos estuvieron _____She had
18Nosotras tuvimos _____They (m.) were
19Ellas dijeron _____You put
20Tú trajiste _____You (formal) found out
21Ustedes tradujeron _____I said
22Yo dije _____You (Spain) were

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