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Medical Terminology of the Nervous System

Kelly Licciardi, NREMT

Match the abbreviation to the definition.

AD Electroencephalogram
ADL Cerebrovascular accident
ALS Thoracic nerves
ANS Sacral nerves
BBB Transient ischemic attack
C1-C8 Alzheimer disease
CNS Lumbar puncture
CP Positron emission tomography
CSF Multiple sclerosis
CT scan Cervical nerves
CVA Central nervous system
DTR Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
EEG Magnetic resonance imaging
ICP Activities of Daily Living
L1-L5 Intracranial pressure
LP Cerebral Palsy
MRI Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation
MS Deep tendon reflex
PD Peripheral nervous system
PET Parkinson disease
PNS Single-photon emission computed tomography
PSG Subarachnoid hemorrhage
S1-S5 Polysomnography
SAH Computerized Tomography scan
SNS Blood-brain barrier
SPECT Lumbar nerves
T1-T12 Cerebrospinal fluid
TENS Somatic nervous system
TIA Autonomic nervous system

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