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The Merry Month of May


a quick bit of EC about the fifth month of the year

spring Mexican indpendence day
Kentucky Derby 4 students gunned down on this Ohio college campus
Indianapolis joins the country east and west with tracks and golden spike
Mexico Americas first war ends this month
VE day site of 500 mile race
Alan Shepherd this San Francisco monument opens this month
Memorial Day May is the end of this season
mothers day Lucky Lindy flies across this body of water
May Day celebrates all veterans at months end
osama bin laden terrorist kingpin killed May 2nd
Christopher Columbus US declares war on souther neighbor in 1846
Cinco de Mayo his second new world trip discovers Jamaica
Kent State first of the month, the soviet labor day
Atlantic famous horse race ran second sunday
Golden Gate Bridge gangster couple gunned down by the cops
Jhonstown Flood first american in space
Empire state building tallest building in New York opens this month
Trans Contenintal Railroad Germany surrenders ending war in Europe
Revolutionary War more tsunami than flood hundred die in Pennsylvania
bonnie and clyde celebrates mom

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