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Variety of Life


Yr 7 unit 2 vocab

Adaptations  kingdom of single-celled organisms
Classification  an organism that is too small to see clearly with the naked eye
Dichotomous  the building blocks from which all living things are made
Kingdom  an organism that cannot manufacture food and so need to consume other organisms
Organism  "dividing into 2 branches". Dichotomous keys have 2 choices at every junction
Vertebrate  a living thing
Invertebrate  an organism that can manufacture its own food, usually from sunlight and air
Autotroph  animal with a backbone
Heterotroph  organisms made of multiple cells working together
Bacteria  kingdom of organisms which are multicellular, heterotrophic and have a cell wall
Animals  organisms made of a single cell
Plants  animal without a backbone
Fungi  features that allow an organism to survive in its environment
Microscope  instrument which enlarges images of very small things
Micro-organism  kingdom of organisms which are multicellular, heterotrophic and have no cell wall
Cells  sorting a group of things into smaller groups with common observable features
Unicellular  the broadest groups of living things. Life on Earth is classified into 4 Kingdoms
Multicellular  kingdom of organisms which are multicellular, autotrophic and have a cell wall

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