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You are what you eat

Ms. Anoush

What do you call someone that eats bugs? or someone who eats only grass? Animals eat different things. Often their diet is very selective and sometimes not. Aside from "carnivore" and "herbivore", there are others, more narrow categories. also, there are many other words associated with animal diets.

1Carnivore _____Eats and lives off of a living host
2Eats plants _____Eats decomposing plant matter, detritus
3Insectivore _____Eats fish
4Eats everything _____Meat of a dead animal
5Detritivore _____Feeds on blood of other animals
6Eats fruit _____Hunts other animals
7Sanguinivore _____Omnivore
8Scavanger _____Herbivore
9Carrion _____An animal that looks for anything dead to eat
10Piscivore _____Invertivore
11Eats seeds _____Frugivore
12Nectivore _____Granivore
13Parasite _____Eats mainly insects
14Eats anything without a backbone _____Eats only nectar

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