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Match animal with diet

Ms. Anoush

You know many animals. You know animals eat different things. Can you match them?

Bear insectivore
Wolf carnivore
Fox detritivore
mouse detritivore
deer omnivore
lynx Invertivore
millipede omnivore
sow bug carnivore
spider omnivore
moth or butterfly carnivore
skunk carnivore
raccoon herbivore
wolverine omnivore
robin detritivore
snail insectivore
fungus invertivore
worm detritivore
ladybug piscivore
stick insect omnivore
snake omnivore
cougar granivore
dolphin insectivore
cardinal frugivore
female mosquito herbivore
bat carnivore
sheep carnivore
pig sanguinivore
human nectarivore
iguana herbivore

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