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Ablutophobia Fear of Bacteria
acousticophobia Fear of Needles
Achluphobia Fear of Noise
Acrophobia Fear of Fires
Agoraphobia Fear of bathing or washing
Aichmophobia Fear of Open Spaces
Algophobia Fear of Dentists
anuptaphobia Fear of Thunder
arachnophobia Fear of School
Bacteriophobia Fear of Failing
Basiphobia Fear of Beautiful Women
Bibliophobia Fear of Walking
Brontophbia Fear of Heights
Caligynephobia Fear of Enclosed Spaces
Carnophobia Fear of Strangers
Chorophobia Fear of Dancing
Claustrophobia Fear of Spiders
Dentophobia Fear of staying single
Ergophobia Fear of Small Things
Frigophobia Fear of Taking Tests
Kakorrhaphiophobia Fear of Cold Things
Methyphobia Fear of Pain
Mycrophobia Fear of Meat
Philemaphobia Fear of the Dark
Phobophobia Fear of Work
Pyrophobia Fear of Books
Scolionophobia Fear of Kissing
Testophobia Fear of Alcohol
Xenophobia Fear of animals
Zoophobia Fear of Fears

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