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Review Units 7-9


Spelling and Vocabulary Review

1. accident the power to affect people or things
2. bicycle  a person riding in a vehicle but not driving
3. camera a board with a message written on it
4. passenger not playful
5. sign a person who travels on foot
6. kilometre a traffic circle
7. pedestrian one thousand metres
8. roundabout vehicle with two wheels that is pedaled
9. appropriate device used to take photographs or record video
10. influence something that is right or proper
11. serious customs and beliefs passed down through time
12. society events or things that have happened
13. escalate where a thing comes from
14. traditions a group of people who share culture and life
15. issue lasting indefinitely and unchanging
16. affect multiple countries
17. salary beliefs or knowledgable judgments
18. stereotypes regular payment for doing a job
19. origin an account giving details
20. experiences have an impact or influence on
21. permanent a problem or matter of importance
22. description increase in volume
23. opinions generalizations can be negative
24. international an unforeseen unfortunate event

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