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Congressional review

Mr. Berg

Name : _____________________________________________________

1.Committee  Manipulative Congressional District lines to favor a party in election
2. Air Force One Number of Years aSenator Serves
3. The Beast Office where the President does most of his work
4. 1600 Pennsylvania Ave Total Number of Representatives California Has int he House
5. 90% Die Address of the White House
6. Bill What happens to most bills in Committee
7. 25  AKA the Flying White house
8. 435 Number of years that a Representative Serves
9. 20,000 This position carries out decisions of their party and steer floor action to their party’s benefit.
10. 30 Elected by the Senate and is always the leading member of the majority party. Assigns bills to committee
11. 100 Number of Bills submitted to committee each year
12. 2 years residents of a congressional district or state
13. 6 years Total Number of Senators
14. Lobbyists Current President of the Senate
15. Gerrymandering  Total Number of Representatives Alaska Has int he House
16. Rider Position filled by the Vice President, The Vice President. May only vote to break ties in the Senate
17. Constituents The House of Representatives is based on the _________ of a state
18. Census People whose job it is to convince Congressmen to vote a particular way.
19. Population A draft proposal of a Law that must be voted on before being sent to the president.
20. Equal Representation Age Requirement for the House of Representatives
21. Immunity Age requirement for the Senate
22. Secret Service - legal protection. Congress members cannot be sued for anything they say while performing congressional business
23. Nuclear football Considered the MOST important and powerful within the halls of Congress. Elected, and the acknowledged leader of the majority partying the House.
24. Oval Office The Presidents Armored Limo
25. West Wing An add on to a bill that would not normally get voted on
26. Grassroots Lobbying Series of offices that were added to the White House by Teddy Roosevelt
27. Joint Committee  Organization that was formed to protect our money but now also protects the President
28. Party Whips an organized effort to urge local citizens to try to influence the decisions of Washington
29. Floor Leaders Total number of Representatives in the House
30. President of the Senate the Number of Senators a state has is based on __________
31. Speaker of the House When members of both houses of congress meet together to discuss a bill
32. joe Biden official population count, taken every 10 years, serves as the basis for distribution of Representatives
33. President Pro-Tempore Where most of the Hard Work of Congress is done
34. John Boehner This Position assists floor leaders. They keep count on who will vote on which bill and ensure party discipline
35. 53 Current Speaker of the House
36. 1 Presidents Briefcase that he must have at all times incase of war

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